So you’ve received a claim and your bumper is going to be getting refinished.  You can finally be rid of all those stone chips on your front bumper, right?   Well….not exactly.  How your claim works is that MPIC will return your vehicle to “pre-accident condition.”   Meaning if it were possible to paint your bumper and fix only the damage that is claim related, they would.

So you bring your bumper to us with refinish on the claim, and it happens to look like this:

Rock Chip Demo 004


Well the sad truth is, autopac isn’t paying to fix that. Although we have to sand the bumper to refinish it anyway, the bumper is still filled with stone chips that cannot be removed.

Rock Chip Demo 006Rock Chip Demo 009


So as you can see, there are deep stone chips still embeded in the plastic bumper cover.  These take many coats of primer over them to be able to fill them.  This is not a feasible repair and autopac is not covering this portion of the repair.

We need to start with a nice surface, like a new bumper cover:

Rock Chip Demo 001

What we at Funk’s Autobody do to help our customers out, is provide a Brand New OEM bumper cover at our cost.  Our goal is not to make a profit on this, our goal is to return your car to better condition, and have a proper repair done.  If there is repair time on the claim, we will put that against the price of the bumper we are quoting.


Example: 2009 Toyota Corolla, at an hourly rate of $71.36

Bumper Repair Time on Claim:                             1.5 HRS

Repair Credit on Bumper:                                        $71.36*1.5= $107.04

Retail Cost of New OEM Bumper:                       $359.50

Bumper Cost of retail less 30%:                            $251.65

***We always give the customer a 30% discount on new OEM bumpers.


$251.65 – $107.04=   Cost to you of $144.61+tax

Our average to perform this operation is between $100-$250.

***We cannot warranty a bumper cover that is not repaired properly.  You do have the option for us to simply paint over the existing stone chips.   Although the stone chips will be filled with new paint, the indent from the stone chip will remain.