Total Loss?

In our experience, Customers would like to know how to get the most value for their vehicle if it is a total loss. Simply put, it is Manitoba Public Insurance Policy to pay out an amount that would let you go out and purchase the same vehicle, with similar mileage and trim options. But there are three key things you can do to help out this process.

1. FIRST THING YOU NEED TO DO: Wait for MPIC to make you an offer, if it is lower than you need to replace the current vehicle, then proceed to step 2, if it is higher, then take the offer.

2. If you have done any mechanical repairs in the last 6 months, and have the receipts, submit this ALL to your adjuster to increase the value of your vehicle. i.e. brakes, timing belts, tires, engine or transmission overhauls, fuel pump, sensors, batteries,  anything that is to “upgrade” or “maintain” the vehicle.

3. Search, and print out any ads in Manitoba that dealerships are selling with the same Make, Model, Year, Trim, and Mileage. Take these to your adjuster so they can adjust the price accordingly, and use as comparative numbers.